9 Kasım 2016 Çarşamba

Purple Sunset

purple clouds

Here I am again with sky photography... I've always been deeply inspired by the sky. Sky is beautiful no matter what, but it's even more magical when it's colored with other colors rather than blue and white. Seeing the shades of purple above my head leaves me with no spoken words, rather leaves me with a mind full of inspiration. Purple especially, is the color I relate the most. I've dyed my hair purple even. Seeing purple above feels like I'm one with the whole world...

5 Kasım 2016 Cumartesi

Nebula Colored Sky


This place is famous for being the home of danger, for many reasons. My grandma's sister lives there so we had to visit. When heading to the tram to go back home, I realized that the sky was too pretty for this "dangerous" place. Maybe it was trying to say "You're safe under this beauty of mine"...

Universe in a Glass Sphere


I have this glass sphere lying around which was given to me as a gift. I feel really attached to it somehow. It's just too beautiful. An empty sphere, which you can actually fill with your own imagination. Things that activate my imagination are also a great source for photography (in my opinion). So I took the picture of it with flashlight to create a dark, space-like atmosphere. The flashlight turned out in the shape of a galaxy, luckily enough. Or a planet, if you wish. And with some finishing touches it looks like the whole universe is trapped into that glass sphere. Maybe your imagination fill fill it with something else...


negative filter

Try to guess what the hell this is... This is actually a glass of soda. With the right filter it turns into some mystical stuff. The filter I used is the negative filter as you can see. What inspired me to take a photo of a glass of soda, I don't know. Maybe the tiny bubbles were pretty. But I had no idea that negative filter would turn the sunlight reflected on the glass into purple. So the moral of the story, anything can turn into an interesting photo with some artsy touches.

31 Ekim 2016 Pazartesi

Prayers in Colors


Taking a break from the cemetery photos :) Wanted to add some color to the blog. These are rosaries, used while praying. Each one has 99 beads, seperated into 3 by a different bead thus there are 3 groups made of 33 beads each. Our rosaries are often well decorated with bright colors. You can find all kinds of rosaries, the ones made out of gemstones, shiny, matte, glamorous, toned down... Even the ones that have a rose scent to it (Rose is a symbolic flower in Islam). The reason why our rosaries have 99 beads is that in Islam, God has 99 names which are known. So, many many colors and symbolism is tucked into one photo here!

Beauty of Dullness


This scenery is again taken at the cemetery. Not that I have no other place than cemetery to take photos. It's just that the place is incredibly beautiful and every corner is full of possibilities. Also, we go there quite often :) This is the view from the grave of my recently deceased uncle. You can see the Golden Horn Bridge there. When the sky is bright blue, the sea and the whole scenery looks amazing. But when the sky is grey, everything looks dull. Here, dull has no bad meaning. Dullness of the scenery brings out the beauty of the clouds, adds the right amount of gloom and sadness. Being able to experience different kinds of emotions is truly a blessing. That's why "dull" has actually a positive meaning in this case. 

28 Ekim 2016 Cuma

Heaven in the Cemetery


On fridays we go to the cemetery to visit my grandpa and uncle. Cemerety visits are sad, filled with tears and prayers. But there are always little details that help you bear with the pain you feel. While walking down the ladders to my uncle's grave, I saw these flowers -which are beyond beautiful- planted on another grave. I was so mesmerized that I kind of forgot about the sadness I felt. Sometimes it's the cats that make me happy among all the sadness. They just come and roll on the ground while we are crying and such. Sometimes it's the white butterflies... This time it was this bunch of flowers. I wonder what am I going to see at my next visit...